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$1,500 HubSpot Pro or Enterprise Onboarding

• Dedicated HubSpot Certified Trainer
• Streamlined Technical Set Up
• Branded Marketing Templates
• Sales Tools Training
• (3) Calls
Strategic Set-up of your HubSpot Portal
• $5,000 value

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Discounted Marketing Pro or Enterprise Set-up


  • 1-hour marketing - kick off call, goal setting, HubSpot portal opportunities 
  • HubSpot code installation
  • HubSpot form replacement (up to 3 forms)
  • Branded email template
  • Basic import of clients contact CSV
  • Launch blog importer tool **
  • Connect social media
  • Set up account defaults and branding settings
  • Set up blog and landing page subdomains
  • Set up live chat for website
  • Create 1 branded landing page template
  • Review basic HubSpot default marketing reporting and analytics tools
  • 1 hour training for users
  • Additional recommendations for leveraging HubSpot marketing functions

*Not included: Marketing strategy, custom dashboards or reports, custom property creation, workflows or marketing automation, custom blog, content, design or website migration, content generation, integrations, custom coding, additional calls or training. **In order for us to set up blog client must have purchased the HubSpot template

Sales Pro or Enterprise Set-up


  • 1-hour sales - kick off call, goal setting, HubSpot portal opportunities 
  • Deal pipeline & stages
  • Meetings links set up
  • Import up to 5 documents
  • Custom contact record view
  • Create 1 customized sales pipeline
  • Set mandatory fields for new contacts, companies, and deals
  • 1-hour training on how to use HubSpot Sales tools
  • Review basic HubSpot default sales reporting and analytics tools
  • Additional recommendations for leveraging HubSpot sales functions

*Not included: Sales process strategy, custom dashboards or reports, custom property creation, workflows or sales automation, content generation, additional calls or training.

Need a Salesforce integration? Add on $1000 for single or bi-directional standard integration.

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more visitors per month within 1 year


more leads per month within 1 year


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Get up and running faster

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Seamlessly connect your HubSpot portal.

Our developers set up new HubSpot portals daily. From tracking code installation to form replacement, we’ll make sure your portal is set up properly so you can hit the ground running.

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Kickstart your marketing efforts

Start getting marketing value from your portal right away with a free email template, landing page template, live chat set up, and blog import.

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Train up your sales team on their new favorite tools

We’ll help transition your sales reps onto HubSpot tools including meeting links, deal stages, a deal pipeline, and customized record views.

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About Market Veep

Our company is a marketing love story. 

Market Veep was born out of a passion for helping businesses reach a broader market, get more leads, and improve their sales and marketing alignment. We believe that people are the most important part of any business. The human factor is what influences our marketing method, business philosophy, and company culture.

Not only do we want our clients to be successful and our team to love coming into work every day; we want our company to stand for something positive in the world. 

If you’re looking for a close-knit team of marketing professionals who are driven, collaborative, and a little silly, then you’ve come to the right place. We dive deep into the data and use frequent touchpoints to keep you agile, generate meaningful leads, align sales and marketing, and evangelize customers into lifelong advocates. 

We want our clients to be delighted, plain and simple. “Marketing Made Human” isn’t just a slogan for us; it’s a lifestyle. 


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