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How to Sell in a Time of Crisis:

Compassionate Sales for a Public That Needs Your Help

The spread of SARS-CoV-2 has rocked the global economy in ways we’ve never seen. Sales teams worldwide are struggling to navigate a path through uncertain circumstances. The biggest question is the most obvious: “How can we sell in the middle of a crisis?”

We’ve assembled a collection of industry insights, tools, and examples to help you build an effective sales strategy for this—and any—time of crisis. Business priorities, technologies, and even the role of sales will all need to change.  The good news is that with a grounded mindset and effective tools, it can be done.

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When you download this ebook, you’ll learn about:

  • The leadership style that will hold your sales team together
  • Why sales are still important
  • Necessary shifts in how, why, and to whom you’re selling
  • Nine sales enablement tools that empower your salesforce in a crisis 
  • How to refocus sales around empathy, service, and relationships
  • What several other companies have already done
  • Our suggested list of short, mid, and long-term priorities
  • The new relationship between marketing and sales