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Develop a Killer IT Marketing Strategy

15 Tips to Help You Attract, Convert, and Maintain Clients

In a post-COVID world, technology-centric brands are well-positioned to fuel our economic recovery. But a killer IT marketing strategy will take more than digital ads and emails (although those certainly help). Take control of your greatest advantage—an offering that thrives in digital space—to build a marketing strategy for all stages of the buyer’s journey.

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We’ve assembled fifteen tools and tips that work at all levels of the marketing funnel, from awareness to brand loyalty. When you download our eBook, you’ll discover:

  • Why IT and inbound marketing go hand-in-hand
  • What it takes to attract, convert, and maintain IT buyers
  • The advantages of ad spend and promoted content
  • How to use social marketing effectively
  • Tips for building out web content and resources
  • How to lead capture quickly
  • The power of automation platforms
  • Why you should offer scalable support packages
  • The types of IT training resources you need
  • How to collect customer satisfaction metrics
  • The tactical value of humor in your brand voice
  • And more!