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Real Lessons in Rapid Growth:

A Bag of Tricks From the Fastest Growing Companies in America

When you read this ebook, you’ll discover:

  • How OtterBox became an 8-time Inc. 5000 honoree and Freestar got to #1 in 2019
  • Five rapid business growth tips from OtterBox CEO Curt Richardson
  • Advice from 8 CEOs of recent Inc. 5000 companies in their own words
  • The lean mindset that saved one brand 4,000 hours of wasted time
  • How a law firm grew from 2 to 100 employees in 3 years
  • The trick to one company’s stellar Glassdoor reviews (4.9 stars and 100% recommended!)
  • Why change can be a good thing (even the best thing) as you grow
  • And more!

Rapid growth is within reach, but don’t take it from us. Just listen to the leaders of the fastest growing companies in America.

SHADOW Real Lessons in Rapid Growth

It’s every ambitious entrepreneur’s dilemma: How can I grow my business...quickly? Rapid growth takes the right mindset as much as it takes the right strategy. But you can learn growth. The best place to start? Take a page (or a few pages) from the book of the fastest growing companies in America—the annual Inc. 5000 honorees.

We’ve assembled this bag of tricks, tips, and quotes from a diverse cross-section of America’s rapid growth superstars to help you learn growth from the best.