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Real Lessons in Rapid Growth:

A Bag of Tricks From the Fastest Growing Companies in America

When you read this ebook, you’ll discover:

  • How OtterBox became an 8-time Inc. 5000 honoree and Freestar got to #1 in 2019
  • Five rapid business growth tips from OtterBox CEO Curt Richardson
  • Advice from 8 CEOs of recent Inc. 5000 companies in their own words
  • The lean mindset that saved one brand 4,000 hours of wasted time
  • How a law firm grew from 2 to 100 employees in 3 years
  • The trick to one company’s stellar Glassdoor reviews (4.9 stars and 100% recommended!)
  • Why change can be a good thing (even the best thing) as you grow
  • And more!

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SHADOW Real Lessons in Rapid Growth

It’s every ambitious entrepreneur’s dilemma: How can I grow my business...quickly?

Rapid growth takes the right mindset as much as it takes the right strategy. But you can learn growth. The best place to start? Take a page (or a few pages) from the book of the fastest growing companies in America—the annual Inc. 5000 honorees.

We’ve assembled this bag of tricks, tips, and quotes from a diverse cross-section of America’s rapid growth superstars to help you learn growth from the best.