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The modern B2B buying process can throw a wrench in the works for your sales team. By the time customers engage, they’re already most of the way through their purchase process. This means that you need sales enablement tools that can power up your sales reps and help them regain control of the buyer’s journey, from start to finish.

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This eBook exposes the sales enablement solutions that work for manufacturing. You’ll discover:

  • How digital disruption has changed the manufacturing sales paradigm
  • The resources that make up “sales enablement”
  • The manufacturing pain points that these sales enablement resources can solve
  • Nine dynamic sales enablement tactics for manufacturers
  • Actionable tips on sales-focused content, customer messaging, and automation tools
  • How to effectively nurture your sales team
  • Ideas for aligning sales and marketing
  • Research and statistics that illustrate the value of sales enablement
  • And more!

After reading this eBook, you’ll be ready to take strategic action, integrate high-impact technologies and tools, and change the game for your sales team.