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The Lead Generation Playbook for B2B Manufacturers

Lead generation for B2B manufacturers is not what it once was. Digital disruption has transformed the landscape and rendered outbound marketing, cold calls, and organic referrals insufficient without support from inbound content marketing—even in the deep, business-facing layers of the manufacturing supply chain.

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This eBook is the playbook you need to generate quality B2B leads in the modern marketplace. You’ll learn:

  • Why and how lead generation has changed
  • The value of a marketing strategy—even in manufacturing
  • How to power referrals with inbound tools
  • What it takes to generate click-worthy content
  • How to capture leads through landing pages
  • New ideas for gated and ungated manufacturing content
  • Ways to leverage LinkedIn for B2B lead generation
  • The risks and rewards of online RFP sources
  • Where to find trackable online advertising
  • And more!
To generate leads in a customer-centric market, you’ve got to know what catches their attention, where they’re looking, and how to draw them into spaces where you can engage them 1-1. After reading this guide, you’ll have a collection of tools and actionable tips to kickstart your marketing engine in the B2B manufacturing space. Download your copy today!