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The Ultimate Marketing Guide to Cannabis

Cannabis marketing is all about inbound. It’s a challenging atmosphere out there for the booming legal cannabis industry, with federal law restricting traditional advertising channels and social platforms prohibiting the sale of cannabis products.

However, with expert advice and an impactful digital strategy it’s possible to grow your “cannabusiness” organically. You’ve got to know what to do, how you’re allowed to do it, and why it will bring the leads to you.

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In our Ultimate Marketing Guide to Cannabis, you’ll learn how to:

  • Boost your company in search results
  • Generate quality cannabis content
  • Complement your web and social strategies with email
  • Solve the maze of social media policies on cannabis
  • Grow your reach organically, without paid advertisements
  • Time your social media posts for maximum impressions
  • Get connected with cannabis industry publications
  • Create “lead magnet” cannabis content
  • Leverage the power of cannabis lifestyle images and videos
  • And more!

    Market Veep has been relied upon for years by small and mid-sized businesses that need actionable guidance to get their marketing strategies from plan to execution. After reading this ultimate guide, you’ll be prepared to take on the challenges of this exciting new industry from a place of strength. You can count on us for straightforward tips that will get your cannabis company on track to achieve its incredible potential.